Military Personnel and Veterans–Join Our New MAT Cohort!

National University’s program is offered online with optional study group meetings. A portfolio of your work with the students you teach is developed during your courses and allows you to “show case” and apply your skills and knowledge.  This portfolio serves as your master’s thesis, and its inquiry-based nature customizes the program to your classroom.  Five of the 10 courses are devoted to developing each part of your portfolio, which means that 5 of your master’s courses will directly relate to and impact your teaching and your students.

Join this cohort that is being developed exclusively for military personnel and veterans!

You have a choice of submitting the portfolio for scoring by the National Board, as desired (we align the NBCT submission dates to match your coursework). If you choose to submit your portfolio for scoring, NBCT will distinguish you as a teacher leader in the field of education.

Additional online and face-to-face support is available for active NBCT candidates, including those who do not require a master’s degree.  As a member of the cohort, you are pre-approved to join My eCoach NBCT online support community for $35.

About the Master of Arts with an NBCT:

  • 10 one-month online courses
  • Groups of 15 military personnel and veterans are eligible for special tuition rates (see below)
  • No GRE; Portfolio vs. Thesis; Financial Aid
  • Develop the National Board Portfolio (your thesis) during classes
  • Option available to submit your portfolio to NBPTS for scoring to earn National Board Certification

Military Tuition

As of October 1, 2010, military tuition rates are:

Online Course – Graduate $981
Graduate (per quarter unit) $218

In addition to military tuition assistance, you may qualify to apply for veteran’s benefits under existing veteran’s programs. National University also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

The Department of Defense’s standardized Tuition Assistance (TA) program provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of service members’ professional and personal self-development goals. The TA policy for the current fiscal year allows active duty service members to receive tuition assistance of $4,500 per year.

Note that some service branches have established specific guidelines or limits for their members that do not mirror the standard policy. Please check with your Education Services Officer to determine the benefits available to you. For more information on Tuition Assistance, visit the DANTES website at

To join this cohort, follow these FOUR steps:

1. View the Program Information Video and additional information on the Master of Arts Program page (if you attended a face-to-face or online information meeting, you can skip this step).

2. Go to the Program Facts page.  View the Program Facts presentation and review the cohort schedule(s).

3. Download and review the information in the Graduate Application Packet.

4. If you are ready to apply to join the NBC  Master’s program cohort, go to the “Applicant Verification” page listed below for the month you wish to start.  Complete the verification form (be sure to choose one of the options listed on the Applicant Procedures document from the application packet indicating how you will complete and submit your application fee).

For more information, download the cohort flyer below
, or contact cohort organizer Amanda.

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