Student Voices Are Heard Here!!

Welcome to our page dedicated to students who want, deserve, and demand accomplished teachers each and every year of their education.

The students who contribute to this page, are learning about the National Board Certified Teaching Standards, the Core Propositions, the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching.  They want to help more teachers , parents and faculty in Higher Education to know about them too, so that kids in school have more and better teachers at every grade and subject.

Check back frequently to see  how high school students who want to be teachers, are already learning what it takes to be excellent and they want their own teachers to see how these tools can help them  to  improve and to use the National Common Core standards when they design their lessons and assessment. Students want to participate,  share resources,  help present this information and they want to give teachers ideas on how to make lessons and learning more engaging for kids through service learning projects.

Future Educators: to contribute to this blog, post a response to one or more of the following prompts:

  • If a teacher knew_______ about me, he/she could have improved my learning experience by_______.
  • I learn more when teachers give me the opportunity to________.
  • I like it when teachers give me the opportunity to demonstrate what I know by________.

Students, please share your views and experiences to contribute to the development of accomplished teachers and the promotion of accomplished teaching practices by clicking the “Add Comment” link below and leaving a reply to one or more of the above prompts.

Advice for Future Educators

This blog is a place for aspiring teachers to seek advice and feedback from accomplished teacher leaders.  National Board Certified Teachers will respond to your questions and provide you guidance on any topic of interest.  This may include advice on your course of studies, selecting programs, developing your resume, identifying mentors, and gaining experience that may help you decide what you want to teach and at what developmental level.

Post your question by hitting the “Add Comment” link below.